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Welcome to Beef and Bees (Cig Eidion Cefngwyn) – the home to native South Devon cattle, Welsh lamb & sustainably reared Welsh honey bees.

About Beef & Bees 

Magwyd Yng Nghymru 

Beef and Bees - a young calf

Farming in the Family

I have farmed all my life in West Wales. I care passionately about the environment and the welfare of my animals. Industrial farming is not for me!

I keep South Devon cattle, born here, they live with their mothers for 9 months. Weaning is achieved by simple separation – a gate. Mum is getting a bit fed up at this stage of 400 kilos knocking her about.

The young cattle will spend up to three summers at grass, winter is spent in strawed sheds eating silage, which is conserved grass.

Our beautiful sheep spend their lives outside on our green grass overlooking Cardigan Bay and only come indoors during lambing. Magwyd Yng Nghymru! 

A nine-mile trip to a small abattoir, (low stress) and then back to our modern chiller and cutting facilities. Hung for 28 days – As good as it gets.

I also nurture one of the very few remaining breeding flocks of Welsh Lapwings here at Cefngwyn. From 30,000 birds in the sixties to possibly 300 now – a shocking story.

Why Beef & Bees

Happy Cattle

Our cattle are reared stress-free in one of the most beautiful locations in West Wales. Weaned over a long period of time and done so with love and care.

Beef and Bees - Steak

Top Eating Quality

Being a native breed, South Devon cattle are noted for excellent marbling, taste, and texture – top eating quality! A wonderful animal!

Welsh Honey

With few arable or vegetable crops in this area; access to pesticides and insecticides is most unlikely. Producing quality Welsh honey.

Sun Soaked Diet

The young cattle spend up to three summers at grass, winter is spent in strawed sheds eating silage. Our cattle eat grass – grass eats carbon!


Beef and Bees - A BeeBees – Another passion – In West Wales – it rains! Not the best for honey making as the bees eat a lot of it during wet periods. It does mean however that with no access to arable crops or fruit and vegetable crops, that access to pesticides and insecticides is most unlikely. A modest amount of Honey is also available.

Lamb Boxes

We produce our lamb boxes with the same ethos as our beef. We always focus on high welfare, grass-fed and native breeds. This attention to detail always produces top quality produce with an emphasis on taste and texture.

 Ordering Produce

Beef and Bees - 5kg Box

  • All of our produce is pre-booked and requires a deposit.
  • You will receive your goods vacuum packed ready for freezing.


Beef Boxes come in two sizes: 10KG & 5KG. They come with all different cuts – roughly 1KG (see image). Mince packs approx. 500 grams. Steaks singly – big enough for sharing.

  • 10KG Box – £100 + delivery (£15)
  • 5KG Box – £55 + delivery (£15)


  • Half a Welsh Lamb – Vacuum packed & delivered – £100


  • We use wool insulated, next day delivery service.
  • We welcome collection – but please, by appointment only.
Beef and Bees - A handsome bull
Beef and Bees - The Future Mothers of the Herd
Beef and Bees - The herd of South Devon Cattle
Beef and Bees - An Apiary
Beef and Bees - a calf suckling on a heifer
Beef and Bees - A heifer and calf

Contact the Farm

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Beef and Bees - a young heifer

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